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Technical description of power tools produced.

1. Brief characteristic of production volume: Power tools of ‘Phiolent’ factory outdo quality and reliability of equivalent products of other enterprises due to high-tech equipment used in goods manufacturing, monitoring and testing processes. ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC is certified according to CE.

2. Material and technical capacity description:

· Material and technical capacity of ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC provides for production of power tools of high quality, for conduction of monitoring and testing at a certified testing lab.

· Mechanical processing: gear body parts of the power tool are made at machines with programmed control, which ensures stability of sizes, coaxiality of fitting places of engine and reducing gears bearings.

· Parts of a rotary body: spindle, gear-shaft, rotor shaft, etc. are produced at automatic and semi-automatic machines with computer control ensuring precision of sizes.

· The tool set is duly certified.

· Casting molds of gear bodies, die molds for plastic parts and metallic powder compression, as well astooth-gears are manufactured at processing centres of ‘Picomax’ company, which provides for high quality, interchangeability of power tools parts and junctions.

· Metal powder compressing is done at compression-molding press followed by sintering at vacuum furnaces with computerized control of time and temperature.

· The Distaloy AB powder is used in manufacturing of parts like saw holders of pendulum jigsaws or tooth-gears. It is a product of high quality, produced in Switzerland.

· The factory has its own measuring machines for monitoring and certification of casting molds, press-molds, accessories and other important parts of the tools.

· Production and assembly of rotors and stators are conducted at automated line ‘Axis’ that includes: a production line, loading device, installation module for joints and insulation, collector; slot insulation, modules for winding and welding, control of welding winding; wedging, special compound saturation and drying, collector grooving, fan pressing-up, balancing, monitoring module of finished rotor.

· Assembly of the goods is conducted at mechanized production line, which provides for functional assembly of one or another unit. Every product undergoes severe testing (green test, features monitoring) at both stands and Quality Assurance Department testing.

· The power tools periodic testing is conducted at a testing lab of ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC. The lab is certified according to its activity. Every time a new product is introduced into manufacturing, a set of tests is conducted, as well as monthly tests of every power tool with further reliability tests.

· ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC is capable of producing POWER TOOLS of any quantity, if a corresponding order had been placed.

Micro machines manufacturing description.

The micro machines produced at the factory are in fact various automation elements, in particular – angle-data transmitters, which are subdivided into rotary transformers, selsyns and phase shifters, and are used in metal cutting machines, robots, technological equipment, navigation devices, space technical equipment, missile and artillery arms. The transmitters’ purpose is to assess or to set a necessary angle of axis turning in automatic work mode. The transmitters are made alike power machines or their elements – stator and rotor plugged into control object.The main advantage of the transmitters over common power machines – high standards and precision of the parts production.

High precision of the power machines is maintained from preparation operations to assembly and testing of the devices. Highly technological approaches are used in the production, for instance: highly precise cutting of rotor and stator plates (runout up to 8 micron); parts made of titanium and stainless powder; setting-up at a certified assembly; laser welding and marking; mechanized rotor winding with a Ø 0.14…0.315 wire; trickle impregnation with special materials providing for balance and insulation of the goods; electrospark polishing of inner and outer surfaces of stators and rotors; electrospark and precise cutting of rotor and stator chases; rhodium plating of collectors.

The precision of manufacturing provides for a high accuracy of output capacities. The transmitter output capacity is a tension, proportional to angle and sinus (cosines) of the axis turning angle. Output signals are used in controlling – setting-up of a necessary position the axis rotation or setting-up of a necessary direction and speed of the rotation.

The transmitters produced at ‘Phiolent’ factory exceed precision and reliability of equivalent products of other CIS enterprises.

Angle transmitters, which runout varies from 10 angular minutes to 5 angular seconds, need corresponding equipment to be certified. For this purpose the factory uses angle measuring devices – dividing heads, highly accurate photoelectric devices: 1 angular minute, 1 or 5 angular seconds. Such devices of 0.5 accuracy grade, devisors of 0.001% accuracy are used in compensating circuits of the transmitters’ output features monitoring.

Electric engines fall into different categories of automation elements. Engines of 3.2 DB type and 4 W capacities, having a contactless set and electronic commutator, are produced for a monitoring engine panel applications. The marine engines of induction pump drives 50 and 100 have capacities of 50 W and 100 W correspondingly.

The enterprise can produce MICRO MACHINES in any quantity, if a corresponding order had been placed.

Адрес: ул. Киевская 34/2,
295017 Симферополь, Республика Крым, Россия
+7 (3652) 27-60-57 (приемная)

E-mail: info@zdphiolent.ru

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