Hand power tools
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Hand power tools

The model is a hand tool of vibration-type, and can be used for various jobs of surface processing.

The tool has an eccentric reducing gear body, one output shaft with an offset pin and bearings with an attached counterbalance. The reducing gear body is connected to a rubber nonrigid cuff which is in turn connected to the processing platform securing the platform and preventing its runout. Disadvantages of the construction are as follows: poor stability of the processing platform under skewed workloads, uneven distribution of the processing platform workload on the surface processed, distortion of circular movement of the processing platform peripherals when grinding - a result of the cuff deformation.

There are at least two co-rotating output shafts used in the model, providing for symmetrical installation of the electric drive body as to the reduction unit gear body. The workload of the processing platform is evenly distributed on the surface processed. The stability of the tool is improved due to decrease of the bearings skew workloads. All the surface of the processing platform is engaged into circular movements when grinding with no skews. At least two output shafts with eccentric pins and bearings secure the processed surface, even when the rubber cuff is not used, which allows using at least two counterbalances of lesser weight with the total inertia moment corresponding to the one of the processing platform.

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