Powder Metallurgy Sector
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Powder Metallurgy Sector

Description: Powder Metallurgy Sector

Leading planning engineer of the PM Sector Shapovalova V.A.

‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC Powder Metallurgy Sector

The powder metallurgy manufacturing of parts and components is one of the most promising sectors at the factory. The PM provides for a set of advantages: high utilization of materials (up to 0.9-0.95); highly technological PM processes, the majority of which is automated; high efficiency, low labour coefficient; possibility to get precise sizes of 7th-8th quality class with no additional mechanical processing; broad range of qualities and opportunity to impart unique features to the product.

PM manufacturing of parts and components is a sign of a modern production enterprise. The manufacturing includes as well kneading-and-mixing machinery: cone-shaped mixers, abrading sieves, drying boxes; highly efficient pressing equipment of 5 to 250 tonnes capacity: automated presses HPM-100 and HPM-200; rotary presses RPM-160, RPM-160b; unipresses u-100, PYE-160, etc.; thermal equipment - a set of vacuum furnaces controlled by ASMPC (Automated System for Manufacturing Process Control).

The workshop produces parts and components of over 50 different possible applications: constructional, antifractrional components; corrosion-resistant and permanent magnets made of barium and strontium ferrite used in all the fields of the enterprise’s activity: power tools, micro machines, ships and vessels automation systems.

Constructional parts of medium loads: plates, disks, nuts, washers, counterbalances made of constructional powder PK70D3-68, PK70-68 of GOST28378-89 (State Standard) «Iron constructional powder materials».

Constructional components of high loads: tooth, cluster and ratchet gears made of DistaloyAB+0,8%— powder produced by Hoganes company (Sweden).

Corrosion-resistant constructional parts: bodies, caps, rings made of titanium powder PTES-1, 2 TS48-10-22-79; setting rings, washers, bails, frameworks, wedges made of stainless steel powder PKh18N15-2C, GOST13084-76.

Anti-frictional components: plugs and bushings made of PAZhGrDK GOST26802-86 material.

The sector produces its own designs for manufacturing processes and pressing sets. Designs of press blocks for helical gears are protected by Russian and Ukrainian patents.

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