Functional capacities

Consumer analysis

Technical data:

Input power

600 W

The platform motion frequency (no load)

0-6000 mpm

The platform vibration amplitude

5 mm

The platform size

115х225 mm

Abrasive sheet size

115х280 mm

Size, w/o dust collector

283х212х116 mm

Weight, w/o dust collector and power cord

2.55 kg

Distinctive advantages:

* The tools has a patent of Russia №73218, a patent of Ukraine №17154;

* Extremely low weight if compared to its nomenclature group.


* Processing of flat wood, plastic and metal surfaces;

* Rough and finishing grinding, polishing;

* Removal of rust and paint-and-lacquer materials;

* Compatible with all kinds of abrasive cloths.

Tool features

* Modern ergonomic design;

* Reducing gear body of aluminium alloy;

* Switch-on lock;

* Preset electronic adjustment of the platform vibration frequency;

* Dust collecting system integrated into abrasive platform;

* A vacuum cleaner nozzle;

* Easy replacement of abrasive cloth;

* Removable additional handle;

* Double insulation of the drive.

Operating features:

* Sensible ergonomic design ensures comfortable tight grip;

* The tools has extremely low vibration level and is very steady at the surface processed, which provided for one-hand operating for a long period of time;

* The abrasive platform vibration amplitude of 5mm provides for high performance of the tool;

* Low weight allows working on vertical and ceiling surfaces for long time without weariness;

* Reducing gear body of aluminium alloy provides for durability and effective heat drain;

* Electronic adjuster of the abrasive platform motions allows performing various works, starting from rough grinding to fine polishing of flat surfaces;

* Switch-on lock ensures comfortable long operating;

* Additional handle provides for a tight grip. The handle can be detached so that the tool would be used at hard- to-get places;

* There are two additional patches in the kitting for replacement of the deteriorated ones;

* The tool has an integrated dust collecting system (included in the kitting), which provides for high quality of the processing and ensures the workplace remains clean;

* A vacuum cleaner via connected through a nozzle (included in the kitting) allows working inside premises intolerable to dusting;

* The main handle loop allows securing the tool on a belt, freeing hands for overhead works;

* Abrasive sheets with dust-collecting holes made of a 115 mm wide tape with a help of a stencil and a punch (ordered separately);


* Orbital sander VS4-28У 1 pcs.

* Dust collector 1 pcs.

* Nozzle 1 pcs.

* Patch 2 pcs.

* Abrasive sheet 1 pcs.

* Box 1 pcs.

* Operating manual 1 pcs.

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