Two-handle Angle Grinder AG 4-23-180

Two-handle Angle Grinder AG 4-23-180

Two-handle Angle Grinder AG 4-23-180

Functional capacities

Consumer analysis

Technical data:

Input power

2300 W

Disk diameter

180 mm

Spindle rotation frequency (no load)

8400 rpm

Spindle thread


Power cord length

4 m


486х103х131 mm

Weight, w/o power cord, casing and additional handle

4.2 kg

Distinctive advantages:

* Improved drive and high quality components increase reliability and durability of the tool;

* Effective airing system prevents the tool units from dusting, and intensifies cooling;

* Reinforced winding of the drive has solid dust protection.


* Metal rectification, grinding, cutting;

* Concrete, stone, brickwork processing.

Tool features:

* Ergonomic design;

* Reducing gear body of aluminium alloy;

* 3 possible positions for installation of the handle;

* Easy-to-access brushes;

* Self-disconnecting brushes;

* Spindle lock button;

* Vibration damping handle;

* Power cord with a rubber insulation;

* Double insulation of the drive.

Operating features:

* Ergonomic design of the tool provides for complete control and comfortable operating;

* Reducing gear body of aluminium alloy improves durability and heat drain;

* The reducing gear body can be turned at 90 degrees, which ensures maximum comfort of operating;

* The vibration damping handle (ordered separately) can be installed at 3 positions, and provides for reliable grip, decreases fatigue and tension when operating;

* Comfortable spindle fixation makes replacement of the cutter quick and easy;

* Removable lids make it easy to replace the brushes and monitor their deterioration;

* Self-disconnecting brushes protect the electric drive from failure when the brushes wear-out;

* Power cord with rubber insulation provides for reliable and safe operating at site.


* Angle grinder AG4-23-180 1 pcs.

* Casing 1 pcs.

* Additional vibration damping handle 1 pcs.

* Wrench 1 pcs.

* Box 1 pcs.

* Operating manual 1 pcs.

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