Two-speed Impact Drill HD9-16-2 RE

Two-speed Impact Drill HD9-16-2 RE

Two-speed Impact Drill HD9-16-2 RE

Functional capacities

Consumer analysis

Technical data:

Input power

1050 W

Spindle rotation frequency (no load) 1st speed

0-800 rpm

Spindle rotation frequency (no load) 2nd speed

0-2000 rpm

Maximum drilling diameter:

* in steel

* in concrete

* in wood

16 mm

24 mm

30 mm

Maximum diameter of a screw

8 mm

Size, w/o chuck, additional handle

341х78х204 mm

Weight, w/o chuck, power cord and additional handle

2.4 kg

Distinctive advantages:

* Boring in concrete, brickwork and concrete in impact drilling mode;

* Reducing gear body of aluminium alloy improves durability and heat drain;

* Switch-on lock provides for comfortable continuous operating.


* Drilling in metal, plastic, wood and other materials;

* Tightening/untightening of screws and bolts;

* Boring in concrete, brickwork in impact drilling mode;

* Mixing of various viscosity levels materials.

Tool features:

* Modern ergonomic design;

* Two rotation speeds of the spindle;

* Two-stage reducing gear in aluminium alloy body;

* Impact mechanism with ratchet bushings;

* Switch-on lock;

* Preset electronic adjuster of rotation frequency;

* Reverse;

* Extended additional handle;

* Self-disconnecting brushes;

* Double insulation of the drive.

Operating features:

* Improved drive and high quality components increase reliability and durability of the tool;

* Ergonomic design of the tool provides for complete control and comfortable operating;

* Two-speed reducing gear and electronic regulation of the spindle rotation frequency allows choosing optimal rotation and torque when carrying out specific tasks;

* Drilling - impact drilling switcher is positioned at the top part of the reducing gear body and does not stand out;

* Ratchet bushings provide for productive boring of concrete, brickwork and stone;

* Effective airing system intensifies cooling when operating for a long period;

* The reverse allows tightening and untightening of screws, bolts and nuts;

* High torque provides for drilling of large diameter, mixing various constructional compounds, threading, tightening and untightening screws of large diameter without spotting;

* Self-disconnecting brushes protect the drive from failing if the brushes wear out;

* Extended additional handle (included in the kitting) provides for a tight grip. Drilling depth restrictor (included in the kitting) installed in the additional handle allows drilling of a set depth;

* Rotable head (ordered separately) allows securing the drill in stationary position and performing rectification, sharpening, grinding and polishing.


* Impact drill HD9-16-2RE 1 pcs.

* Rod (drilling depth restrictor) 1 pcs.

* Chuck wrench 1 pcs.

* Additional handle 1 pcs.

* Case 1 pcs.

* Operating manual 1 pcs.

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