Ship automation systems and elements

Ship automation systems and elements

Zavod Phiolent JSC for more than 40 years has been engaged in automation of marine machinery and has been designing, developing and producing automatic control facilities fordisplacement-type ships and vessles on the air-cushion ships, yachts, docks, marine drilling platforms, devices, transmitters and signalizers for shipbuilding and industrial automation.

Zavod Phiolent JSC is well-known and enterprise with International reputation that holds key positions in the field of automatic controls. We are pleased to inform, that control systems developed and made by our company are installed aboard in more than 400 ships and vessels.

Systems of control are designed and are produced under observation of the Marine Register of Navigation of Russian Federation, Register of Navigation of Ukraine, military customer. In 2003 ship automation was awarded with quality management system certificate Bureau Veritas Certificate ISO 9001:2000.

Zavod Phiolent JSC realizes development and manufacture of overall systems remote and computer-assisted management by means of the vessels and courts which are powering up control by a principal propulsive plant, electric power generating plant and general vessel systems; local management systems of turbine jets, diesel motors, by systems of docks, floating power barges, fuel system in turbine jets; transmitters, signalizers, actuating mechanisms.

Manufacuring of automatic control systems at present time remains top priority for our factory."Zavod" Phiolent " JSC is a key OEM in ship-building industry of Ukrainian Ministry of industrial policy on marine machinery control systems.

With a view to achieve a world technological level of produced control systems, the complex of activiteis connected with development, manufacture and delivering of 4generation control systems had been implemented at the enterprise successfully. The above systems are based on microprocessor componentry and their configuration can be easily re-adjusted for various classes of ships and vessels with subsequent implementation of sophisticated control laws. The operations on creation of the distributed processor-based control systems are being done with close co-operation of one of the world leaders in the field of systems of an automation " Schneider Electric " corporation: Our enterprise is the system integrator - partner of the corporation " Schneider Electric " by the Designed enterprise of a control system of a fourthgeneration successfully tested on-board and put into operation by the Customers.

In present time section the control systems and devices on microprocessor element basis designed in the last years are introduced.

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