11.12.2010 Celebration of the 10th anniversary of private enterprise ‘Jalita’.
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11.12.2010 Celebration of the 10th anniversary of private enterprise ‘Jalita’.


Jalita Company shows it has been focused on a long-term and productive cooperation with ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC from the very first day of the collaboration. The shop celebrated its 10th anniversary on December 11th, 2010. The event was open, so anyone could join the celebration. Boris Levin was invited to host the ceremony, and, just as always, he has drawn additional attention to the holiday and ensured all the people were in a cheerful and good mood.

Any visitor could buy the tools with holiday discount that day, and every one of them could show-off their skill by taking part in various contests: the first one required some sawing skills – one had to saw off 10cm wood bar with a pendulum jigsaw. There were lots of willing to participate, and not only men, some of the ladies that attended the event took part in the contest.


The second contest was a drilling work task. A volunteer had to drill holes in a wood bar in 1 min 10 sec max, moreover the holes should cross. And if participated in the final - screwdriver contest, one had to drive 10 screws into a wood board in the shortest time possible.


The contests winners were given valuable prizes, i.e. pendulum jigsaw, screwdriver, drill (correspondingly). The 2nd  and the 3rd place holders were awarded with encouraging prizes.

Some of the winners of ‘Phiolent is 97!’ – a promotional event that took place during 23rd – 29th of October, were given their prizes at this event. Unfortunately, not all the winners could take their prizes that day, but those that managed to come participated in the merry contests.

A few weeks before a contest for Ukrainian sellers of Phiolent power tools was held in the framework of ‘Phiolent is 97!’. A representative of Jalita company Sergei Babenko participated in the event and managed to take the third place. Deputy Chairman of the Board of ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC, Kislitsyn Victor Mikhaylovich expressed his gratitude and awarded him with a prize – a watch.

Every single visitor of the anniversary was given Phiolent calendar for 2011. At the end of the celebration every employee of the factory wished a yet young, but promising company all the best and congratulated it on the anniversary. Deputy Chairman of the Board of ‘Zavod ‘Phiolent’ JSC, Kislitsyn Victor Mikhaylovich presented the Management of Jalita company with a photo of Phiolent cape and wished him long life and further prosperity.


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