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  Our representatives have recently found a fake ‘Phiolent’ PS 3-600 E pendulum jig saw at a power tools shop.

Dear customer, please pay attention to the following distinctive features of original and bogus models to avoid buying fake power tools.

The first thing should raise your suspicion is that the phoney jigsaw has no package and warranty ticket.

Operating manual.  The tool due date should be perforated in the top right corner of the manual.


We have found the outdated ISO 9001:2000 certificate at the very first page of the bogus manual. Our production is manufactured according to ISO 9001:2008 and DSTU 9001:2009 (National Standards of Ukraine).

There should be a stamp of Quality Assurance Department at the last page of the manual. And as you can see, every page of the fake manual, except the cover, is made of newsprint.

The pendulum jigsaw dress. Modes switch button of the forged tool is glossy. The original product has a rough button which provides for comfortable switching of the modes.

Reducing gear is of outdated pattern. Upper and lower parts have sharp, roughly processed edges. Our tool has plain and smooth junctions.


                      Bogus                                            Original design

The bearing of the bogus tool differs much from that of Phiolent. There is no countersink in the holes. There are no fastenings for lightning installation. And as you can see, the original bearing is nothing alike the fake one.


                      Bogus                                                          Original design

The trapeziform cover has not been used in the tool since 2007.


The cord made at our factory is much thicker and flexible. The plug of original tool is manufactured according to European standards and has thicker pins (diametre 4.8 mm)

The bogus screws are of poor quality. They are of silver colour and made of soft metal (the spline can be easily torn off).

There are roughly processed plastic parts inside the fake tool, lots of rough edges. The tool lacks oiling.

The switch. The screws in original tool are secured with red enamel. There should be a condenser close to the button. The fake model lacks both these features.


                                 Bogus                                                                Original design

Rotor. The handmade winding of the bogus tool should immediately strike your eye. It is as extremely obvious that the outputs are connected to collector hook manually. And the factory uses automated line ‘Axis’ to perform such operations as collector pressing, slot insulation, winding, heat shrinkage, saturation, balancing.

By the way, the collector should be connected to the axis via tension lock-up. The bogus producer uses a compound for the same very purpose.


                          Bogus                                                                                    Original design


                Bogus                                                                        Original design

The stator of the fake tool is secured in the gear by a diaphragm. The factory on the other hand uses rubber bushings for a more reliable fixation. And the stator itself differs much. The form of stator leaves does not correspond to the original one (rounded edges). The winding is completely different. It is done manually and is secured with a duck tape alike the bogus rotor. The clamping of connections has obviously been done via manual chasing. The rotor insulation padding of the factory-made tool is jointless unlike the fake one.


                           Bogus                                                         Original design

To sum up, such a bogus tool will not be accepted for maintenance by any repair service centre. Moreover, a seller would not probably provide you with a real warranty ticket.

Capacity and durability of such a jig saw leaves much to be desired. That is why you should be extremely careful and pay extra attention to the products, when buying ‘Phiolent’ power tools as well as other goods.

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