July the 23rd “Sawing-drilling” campaign has arrived to the cave city of Dzhuft-Kale
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July the 23rd “Sawing-drilling” campaign has arrived to the cave city of Dzhuft-Kale


It has become a permanent tradition for “Phiolent” factory to hold campaigns, master-classes, and to give to the people positive and mood. This time place of the campaign was near a famous city Bakhchisarai, in a most famous cave city in the Crimea Dzhuft-Calais (common name Chufut-Calais).

The factory workers held a master-class about working with “Phiolent” TM power tools and demonstrated skills in working with wood and concrete. The campaign attracted much attention from the present representatives of Karaite people, who took part in the competitions with great pleasure. One of such entertaining competitions was a competition “for speed”. Participants were required to demonstrate skill and dexterity of screwing up into pieces of wood, but it was complicated by the time limit. The results justified all expectations and, in our opinion, there was set a record on speed of screwing up, during the event.

Winners of the first and second place were awarded by a grand prize – “Phiolent” TM power tool. And to all active participants for their interest branded gifts and souvenirs were handed over.

“Phiolent” factory team thanks for helping in organization of this event to the Association of Crimean Karaites “Krymkaraylar "and personally to President of the Association Ormeli Vladimir as well as to the residents of Bakhchisarai for active participation and support.

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