The campaign continues ...
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The campaign continues ...


Holding by “Phiolent” factory employees the “Sawing-drilling!” promotions in the regional centers of Ukraine becomes a distinctive tradition.

June 25, 2011 a promotional event in a hero-city Sevastopol was held, and from June 28 to July 04 - in Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkov and Zaporozhye took place.

Ukraine’s south-east inhabitants who visited the campaign could be convinced in the vast opportunities of Simferopol factory’s production capable to process wood, metal, concrete and natural stone.

During the demonstration of “Phiolent” TM power tool it was offered to all wishing to participate in competitions for speed and ability to process wood and metal workpieces, as well as concrete canvas and boulder. All participants of these competitions received the consolation prizes. Grand prize (pendulum jig saw and drill) were given to the real craftsmen, capable to cope with such “hard nuts” like a concrete block and steel beam in a few seconds.

The main result of ongoing campaigns the factory workers may consider not only traditional splash in sales, but a manifestation of sincere interest and respect of the Ukrainians to qualitative and reliable power tool, which was created at the domestic enterprise, and is a real pride of the Ukrainian industry.

“Zavod “Phiolent” JSC team thanks to V.D.Sorokin (“Krymspetsoborudovanie” LLC Sevastopol), A.Y.Golubkov (Zaporozhye), O.G.Bublik (Dnepropetrovsk), I.V.Tereshchenko (“German and T” LLC, Kharkov) for the preparation and carrying out of the action!

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