“Phiolent” - made in Ukraine!
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“Phiolent” - made in Ukraine!


The factory periodically receives the questions from “Phiolent” TM power tools buyers and sellers about where this power tools are actually assembled?

This question has an unequivocal answer - in the city of Simferopol, Crimea, Ukraine, at “Zavod “Phiolent” JSC. From the time of 1990s conversion, the factory has made a decision of the power tools manufacturing development. The first was pendulum jig saw, which from the first to last detail was made and assembled at the factory. Today the power tool’s nomenclature line includes more than sixty positions and all of it is manufactured at the factory!

Can a factory documentary confirm that this power tool is produced in Simferopol? Not only can, but does it weekly. Every week the power tools are shipped for export from the factory. And complete set of the obligatory documents for shipment includes “Certificate of Origin”, which is issued by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Crimea.

“Certificate of Origin” is the only international document, based on which customs officials all around the world make conclusions about the country of origin of the goods. Correct definition of the country of origin of the goods is very important, as it influences on the value of import customs duty.

To issue a “Certificate of Origin” Chamber of Commerce and Industry examines the company every time, making sure that the factory has its own territory, buildings, equipment, technologies, human resources that allow the power tool manufacturing. This checking includes a fact of the materials and components included in the power tool proceeding to the factory. It’s checked from whom and based on what documents materials and components are received.

Sometimes we are asked more specific question: “Are there in your power tool accessories or materials from other countries?”. Certainly are. All the world's leading power tools manufacturers (we underline “all”) use industrial cooperation elements at a power tool creation. “Zavod “Phiolent” JSC buys materials used in the power tool manufacturing in Russia and Sweden. The components are bought in Russia, Slovenia, France, China, Turkey, Bulgaria, Germany and Poland. Before signing a contract for co-operation supplying the factory carefully tests materials and components, and only after receiving positive test results the contract is signed, the materials and components are bought.

Modern production is impossible without cooperation in any sphere and the power tools aren’t the exception. But in order to be eligible to receive a “Certificate of Origin”, which says “Made in Ukraine” – the power tool really needs to be produced in Ukraine!

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