Master-classes – the school of professionalism!
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Master-classes – the school of professionalism!


From May 24 till May 28, the employees of “Phiolent” factory successfully made presentation master-classes on working with power tools in the major cities of the south of Ukraine (Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson).

May 28 in “New Line” shopping center (Kherson) demonstration works in metal cutting, wood and stone processing of “Phiolent” TM power tools took place.

The employees of “Zavod “Phiolent” JSC successfully demonstrated to the visitors ample opportunities of the domestic power tools. There were used new (HD 10-13-RE) and already approved (PS4-700E, R3-1100, AG2-9-125E, etc.) models.

Quite often the visitors asked tricky questions about power tools quality and kitting receiving qualified answers and consultations from the factory experts.

Each visitor was provided with an opportunity to test the tool at work.

Also, during the event, there was held a contest for skill and craftsmanship of the power tool for all comers.

The prizes and corporate gifts from “Phiolent” factory were handed over to the winners.

The factory employees have demonstrated to visitors of the master-class, with what ease and skill with usual PS4-700E jig saw in just 30 minutes you can create the unusual compositions.

“Zavod “Phiolent” JSC team thanks to all, who attended the master-class, for your interest and active participation in the competitions.

Special thanks to Gennadiy Gavrik (Kherson), Sawa Silin (Odessa) and Igor Kravchenko (Nikolaev) for their help in master classes organization and execution.

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