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Power tools for real masters


If we ask a question to economic, master-hand man about home repairs and the tools required to carry out construction work, the first response on it will be: electric drills, screwdrivers, jigsaws, angle grinders - here is the required set of instruments in the house, which is essential to make quality repair and construction work.

Nowadays the Ukrainian market is full of many power tools brands that deserve the consumers attention: Bosch, Makita, DeWalt, Hitachi, Kress. Production of these manufacturers is different reliability, ergonomics and appreciated by Ukrainian consumers.

However, along with high-quality power tools cheap Chinese products penetrate into commercial networks under Russian, German and Ukrainian brands. Similar copies are in 1,5-2 times cheaper with respect to analogs world known brands and designed for short life. It is hard to imagine a man who had not spoiled the mood at the thought that just bought brand new drill may be damaged after several hours of work and money for this purchase were wasted. Therefore, the buyers roam the trading hall looking for a reliable and relatively inexpensive tool, asking prices, studying the technical specifications of the submitted samples, consulting with vendors and how they seem making their deliberate, correct choice.

Among those diversity of reliable quality power tools represented in the Ukrainian market, especially stands out the products of "Phiolent" brand, manufactured in Simferopol at “Zavod"Phiolent" factory - one of the leading instrument-making enterprises in Ukraine. Not yielding to reliability and performance analogs such famous brands as Makita, Bosch, Hitachi, Simferopol power tools, while have a lower price.

What is the secret of reliable and top quality power tools manufactured at Crimean “Phiolent” factory.

Firstly, leading design development;

Secondly, technological production process foreseen multistage control system on all production stages, modern high-tech equipment enables to reduce the production defects to minimum.

Thirdly, while assembling the finished products only top quality assembly units of well-known producers in Ukraine, Russian Federation, USA, Japan and other countries are used. This significally increases the cost value of the finished product, however the managers of the factory take steps, being aware that by doing this we will reserve top quality of our products and win our suppliers confidence.

Fourthly, a single unit of power tools manufactured doesn’t leave the territory of the factory without being tested on the factory testing stands. The buyer maybe sured that all products demonstrated at the retail shelves have already passed stand tests that guarantees the quality of the given products.

For over 20 years experience in power tools manufacturing the factory has established an extensive network of warranty service, which allows to carry out repairs and maintenance services in the shortest period of time.

But the greatest value of “Zavod”Phiolent” JSC is a qualified staff who understands the goals and objectives of the enterprise and are aware of the measure of responsibility before the consumer for power tools created.

Currently, under "Phiolent" trade mark produced electric drills and screwdrivers, circular saws, sanders, wall chasers, routers, jig saws, planes and spray guns. The range is constantly enlarging with new models of improved features and design. Our consumers in Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Moldova, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey and Egypt have much appreciated the high quality power tools manufactured at Simferopol factory.

We are particularly proud of the factory personnel - a new series "Phiolent-MASTER", which differs from produced professional power tools by improved resource used in severe conditions. Professional builders using this power tools in extreme conditions, do enjoy the new series of Simferopol power tools.


We confidently look to the future.

We will continue to delight consumers, affirming its business philosophy of "To avail people '

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