Social responsibility of JSC"Zavod" Phiolent »
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Social responsibility of JSC"Zavod" Phiolent »

In  the current conditions of  business development the  introduction  of the  new philosophy of the development and first of all the  social responsibility of the enterprise before major stakeholders is  economically required.

    Under stakeholders in our understanding  the consumers of our production, the enterprise personnel, inhabitants of  Simferopol are meant.

JSC"Zavod" Phiolent» manufactures the production of  more than 50 kinds, this list grows annually on 5 positions. Our production is exported  to  many countries of the world.  During 95 years of presence in the domestic market we have won the name; high qualitative characteristics of production, and constantly extending assortment allow to speak about steady position in the market and orientation to the client.

JSC"Zavod" Phiolent » is  the largest enterprise of Simferopol  and one of three enterprises of Crimea  which have strategic value for a national economy.

The major principles of the enterprise  activity  are the following: to behave responsively to  surrounding society and  to the  workers, to promote entirely social and economic development of region,  to create  a favorable business and working climate,  to maintain of worthy working conditions, social and spiritual well-being of people.

 Human resourses are considered as the major active of the enterprise. The basic directions of personnel policy are:

 1. Preservation of existing working places, improvement of quality of their work, improvement of working conditions.

2. Hiring of young experts.

 3. Popularization of the physical training and sport -  the sport club "Phiolent”, a tennis hall, an exercise room and aerobics section successfully work, the trainings and tournaments on minifootball are hold at stadium "Phiolent”. At the initiative of  young experts council the section of tourism and speleology was created.

 4.  The departures to the sea of  plant’s personnel are organized annually.

  5. There is a practice of tickets reservation  for concerts of symphonic music, to the theatres, to children's spectacles.

 6. Acquisition of New Year's gifts for children under 18 years.

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