Shop service
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Shop service

OAO "Zavod of "PHIOLENT" for habitants and guests of Crimea renders services in:

1. planning and making of different machine-tools, adaptations, specialized semi-automatic devices and automats for mechanization of production;

2.mechantreatment details of various constructions, repair, agroinflatable electrowelding, to electroediting and metalwork works. Tel. for the certificates (0652) 25-30-51

3.grant services in transportation of loads a motor transport to organizations and private individuals on a city Crimea, Ukraine. Tel. for the certificates (0652) 25-30-51, +38-050-398-48-59,+38-095-365-55-97, +38-050-66-88-700.

4. planning and making different press of forms, castings forms, conductors, adaptations, cutting and measuring instrument. Tel. for the certificates (0652) 27-05-80

5.sertifikacii and tests of electrical equipment, lighting-technical products, technological equipment for food, meatmilk industry, enterprises of trade, public food consumption and foodblocks. More detailed Tel. for certificates (0652) 54-66-64, 25-30-51 dob.

6.making and artistic registration of orders, medals, breastplates, corporate marks, trinkets and souvenirs. More detailed... Tel. for certificates (0652) 27-60-57,

The personnel of factory will help customers operatively to decide all organizational questions. High quality guarantee, operationability of performing the orders, affordable costs.

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34/2, Kievskya str.
295017 Simferopol,
Republic of Crimea, Russia
Tel: +38(0652) 274254, 272098
Fax: +38(0652) 255012
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