Social policy
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Social policy

The social program of the plant

1. Rendering of the monetary help:

- For  treatment;

By September, 1st 100 hryvnyas  for  each child of school age is given - to trustees, parents of children-invalids of the childhood, lonely mothers and large families.

2. Additional monetary payments:

- Compensation for long service - quarterly;

- Material aid for improvement - at vacation;

- The severance pay for long-term and excellent job at the enterprise at retiring.

- To anniversaries.

3. With a view of youth fastening at factory the additional rights and privileges are given to young workers-machine operators and the young specialists who have arrived from higher educational establishments, according to existing Provision.

 There is a practice of surcharges to young specialists who rent  their flats.

4. Annual additional paid holiday in number of 7 calendar days without holidays and days off is granted:

- To the woman working and having of two and more children under 15 years;

- To the woman working and having the child-invalid  till  his- her coming of age.

- To the woman working and having the disable child-invalid without restriction on age, on the basis of the common decision of board and trade-union committee;

- To the woman who has adopted the child under the age of 18;

- To the father who  brings up the child under 18 years without mother (including the case of the  mother’s long stay in a medical institution);

- To the person who has taken the child  under 18 years under guardianship;

- To the widow having the child under 18 years;

- The lonely mother having the child under 18 years (the woman who is not married and in the birth certificate of the child  the record about the  child’s father is absent or record about the father is made under instructions of  the mother, the woman who brings up the child without the father, despite the fact of reception of the alimony) 3 calendar days of paid holiday are  given to a newly-wed couple.

 The privileged permits at the expense of the state social insurance are given to the workers of  the plant for treatment and  to their children of school age.

5. Expenses for ritual services are paid to the honoured workers of the enterprise including pensioners if they did not work  anywhere by granting of  the documents.

6. Annually by  the   “Zavod” Phiolent”’s Day  the meeting  is held. The portraits of the best our employees are in the Avenue of leaders and in the Honour Book; the ranks "Experienced worker", “the Veteran of the plant","the Honourable veteran”, the Deserved veteran ” are appropriated.

7. In days of celebrating  the anniversary of the Great Victory to participants of the Operations - to the former workers of Open Society who are on a deserved rest a monetary help is providing,  different meetings of memory are held and also the  meetings of veterans with their collectives

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